Autism is a mysterious and insidious developmental disorder that affects 24,000 new children each year. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cuts across all racial, ethnic, social, and economic lines.   

iCARE4autism seeks to discover the causes of autism and to build a strong consensus surrounding the issues and best practices of autism research and diagnosis. We are an international organization that promotes collaboration among similar centers of investigation worldwide. iCARE4Autism offers a strong sense of hope for children and their families as we are involved in research, awareness, funding, and education.

A child is diagnosed with autism every twenty minutes and one in 150 children will develop some form of ASD. We aim to identify the various kinds of autism research being done by scientists and researchers worldwide. This blog is a great resource for parents, teachers, researchers, and anyone who is affect by autism. We offer the latest autism news and research and hope you will provide us with your thoughts and concerns.

Welcome to our site.



 To learn more about our parent organization, visit our website at http://www.icare4autism.org/


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