Free Autism Resource DVD

My Next Steps Video

My Next Steps Video

A first-time diagnosis of autism in a child can be an overwhelming and stressful time for parents and families. My Next Steps: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Autism DVD serves as a roadmap for parents dealing with this challenging period and seeks to provide answers to the many questions that arise during the journey from autism diagnosis to treatment.

The DVD was developed by Raphael Bernier, Ph.D.; Jamie Winter, Ph.D.; and Jennifer Varley, M.S., at the University of Washington Autism Center and contains over 2.5 hours of content. Through interviews with experts and treatment providers, “My Next Steps” familiarizes parents with topics that are crucial in providing the best support for their child. Further insight is provided through the wisdom and validation of parents who have children with autism. The DVD is divided into two parts: Part 1: “What is Autism?” and Part 2: “What Can I Do?”

“My Next Steps” is available to families receiving a diagnosis of autism, and more information, including the freely downloadable film chapters, can be found at the Washington Autism Center Web site. Please e-mail to order your free DVD.


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